Fairy Summer

harper bazzaar 1949 Heidi

©Harper Bazaar 1949


Energy of life (74)

red fish tokyo

Edo Nihonbashi art aquarium Tokyo ©Martin Bureau/AFP

Fairy Lady

amateur anonyme1920:25newark museum

© DR Anonymous 1920/25  Museum Newark


ice beaver cactus

©DR Ice Museum ©DR Beaver Cactus

Energy of Life (73)

saul leiter ?

©Saul Leiter



©J.R   Mexican boarder

Fairy Tears

Yoo Jotaro green

©DR Yoo   ©DR Jotaro Kimono

Circle of Time

Van eyck:neolithic jade green

©DR Jan Van Eyck 15th   ©DR Neolithic Jade

Energy of Life (72)



Fairy Art

Olivia fraser (1965)jambudvipa 2017 Grosvenor Gallery london 2

©DR Olivia Fraser “Jampbuvipa” 2017 Grosvenor Gallery London



©Leah Perry  ©DR Desire Sablik

Golden Mood

anasui hatani 2:right

©DR Ana Sui  ©DR Japanese Plate 17th

Energy of Life (71)


©DR Alexander Mc Queen   ©DR Tourmaline

Fairy Flower

yellow fish chihuly

©DR Glass by Chihuly     ©DR

To Curl…

yellow ackerman cordage

©DR Haider Ackerman 2015  ©Janett.Little Jeffers

Energy of Life (70)

water_particles_flowers_north_499x_white 2

©DR Water Particules

World Ocean Day

howard oates

©Howard Oates

Energy of Life (70)

najaro sassen

©DR Najaro Country  ©DR Sassen

Fairy Shadow

Fan Ho

Hong Kong (1950) ©Fan HO

Fairy Clouds

ermano kaze

©DR Ermano Scervino   ©DR Kaze Kuramochi