Energy of Life (71)


©DR Alexander Mc Queen   ©DR Tourmaline


Fairy Flower

yellow fish chihuly

©DR Glass by Chihuly     ©DR

To Curl…

yellow ackerman cordage

©DR Haider Ackerman 2015  ©Janett.Little Jeffers

Energy of Life (70)

water_particles_flowers_north_499x_white 2

©DR Water Particules

World Ocean Day

howard oates

©Howard Oates

Energy of Life (70)

najaro sassen

©DR Najaro Country  ©DR Sassen

Fairy Shadow

Fan Ho

Hong Kong (1950) ©Fan HO

Fairy Clouds

ermano kaze

©DR Ermano Scervino   ©DR Kaze Kuramochi

Full Moon

bumika messe

©DR  Shyamal&Bumika Indian Couture ©DR

Energy of Life (69)

underwater enka zura


Fairy Art

fukuro obi

Fukuro Obi via Kimono gallery

Happy to be back !

St pancras avril 18emin-2

St Pancras London by Tracy Emin via

Hi dear Followers, I am so happy to be back taking ride with poetry ! Enjoy and share !


kawase fuji valli shoes

©DR Kawase Hasui Mt Fuji    ©Giambatista Valli

Energy of Life (68)

expanding valli 18

©DR Giambatista Valli 2018   ©DR via Zsa Zsa

Fairy Light

kadel quartz

©DR Blue rutilated Quartz   ©Greg Kadell

Energy of Life (67)

take it easy

©DR Thierry Mugler   ©DR



©DR   ©DR Giambastista Valli


violet toronto

©DR       ©DR Toronto

Fairy Blue (3)

blue stripes

©Sotheby’s Glass bottle 18th    ©DR Giorgio Armani

Fairy Blue (2)

michelle armarmas issey

©DR Michelle Armanas ©DR Issey Miyake 2018W