He is gone…

©martin meissner AP:Sipa

Kark Lagerfeld ©Martin Meissmer/Sipa



kawase scervino

©DR Hasui Kawase (1883/1957)    ©DR Ermano Scervino

Here !

dolphins escalier


Fairy Pale Green

jade vert

Jade bangle ©Sotheby’s HK  ©Dior by John Galliano


by Mary Melinda ©alec

by Mary Melinda ©Alec

Happy New Year

dior chapeau vert

©Sotheby’s 18th Chinese Plate    ©DR C.Dior by John Galliano

Energy of Life (93)

aalain vaissière

©DR by Alain Vaissière


georgina cranston

©Georgina Cranston


Fairy Song

jizhoutotoise mc queen

Song Period ©Sotheby’s HK    ©DR Alexander McQueen

Energy of Life (92)

bowie bye bye


Let’s go

tanaka kazuhiko

©DR By Tanaka Kazuhiko via Bouddhabar

Once upon a Time…

time ulyana

©DR by Ulyana Sergeenko   ©DR


Insight !

ronald henan

Northern Song (960/1234) ©Sotheby’s     ©Ronald

Fairy Song

song bowie wong.jpg

Song Plate ©Sotheby’s HK    ©DR Bowie Wong

Energy of Life (91)

cheridan chard

©Cheridan Chard via Buddhabar


orfeo quagliatta

©DR Orfeo Quagliatta


Violine Poetry

zou chakra

©DR by You Desbiens   ©DR George Chakhra


by paul dunn

©Paul Dunn