Fairy Cloud

Claudia Borgna Melting growth 8000 Plastic bags rea garden 2010Connecticut

©DR By Claudia Borgna / 8000 plastic bags / 2010 Connecticut


Golden Insight

bois courbe


Golden Hour

elena Tsali

©Elena Tsali

Energy of Life (86)

golden bis

©Nico for Tush Mag 2007   ©DR

Under the Arctic sky


©Movie “Under the arctic sky” sublime


flower compete

©DR   ©DR Chanel


donot miki


Energy of Life (85)

water drop

©DR via Boudhabar

Energy of Life (85)

water drop

©DR via Boudhabar

Plastic Garbage

rob greenfield founder of the food waste fiasco suit made of garbage he generates in one month oct14:16 nyc ©timothy A.Claryafp

Rob Greenfield founder of the food waste suit garbage NYC 2016 ©Timothy Clary/AFP

Catch Me

Tiger:Qing yellow jade san gabriel california

©DR  ©DR Qing dynasty Jade / San Gabriel California

Energy of Life (84)


©DR via Exercices of Style

Keep it Wild !

keep it wild Patty

 © Patricia de Solages “Keep it wild” 2016  Bruxelles

Global warming printed on an emergency thermal blanket ! Sublime !

Fairy Night

©Jamen Percy

©Jamen Percy

Don’t hide…

sassen navajo orange


Energy of Life (84)

ride with you



susanne weiss

©Suzanne Weiss

Fairy String

manray yiqing

©DR Man Ray 1936  ©DR Yiqing Yi Spring 2016

Let’s Dance

madonna calder

 Alexandre Calder 1936 Courtesy Hauser&Wirth  ©Peter Lindbergh Madonna 1994

Energy of Life (83)

Don johnson Caters news:SIPA agency

©Don Johnson Caters News / Sipa Agency